Hello there

My name is Simon. I enjoy designing interactions, informations and data visualizations. I used to study Interface Design at FHP.

Currently I am designing interactions and visualizations at Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Don't mind and say hello!
Simon Wimmer
Stampfenbachstr. 129
8006 Zürich



This is a measuring instrument which composes poems. Sensors provide data which describes details of the devices surrounding environment (Temperature, Noise, Brightness and Movement). This data is then processed into a short text. Information on location and the actual time of the measurement is added. Finally a small thermal printer outputs the poem.


A chart recorder traces the temporal evolvement of data which describes a broad spectrum of our reality (stock exchange prices, water levels, population developments, a participants pulse rate, number of sunspots, phases of the moon, …). Strange patterns and correlations among the drawn curves emerge. The participant finds himself connected to events which are situated far outside his horizon of experience and perception.
omnia02 omnia03


Different species of migrating birds and their annual ways around the world can be investigated within this interactive, dome-based data visualization. An iPad enables interaction between users and the application. Single species can be highlighted, also the lapse of time can be controlled. Imitat birdcalls, a picture and the name of the highlighted species enhance the experience of the visualization.
Visitors Visitors01


An interactive installation that was screened at the media facade of Collegium Hungaricum (Hungarian culture institute) in Berlin. The perspectives of nine cubes get adjusted to the viewports of up to nine participants. The interactive, spatial illusion lets people literally take a look inside the building. The goal is to arouse interest for the cultural events and exhibitions which take place inside the building.
cubes01 cubes02

Cold Peace / Kalter Frieden

The infographic pictures facts & figures describing the Antarctic Treaty. It was published by the INGRAPHICS-magazine (Vol.2).
Kalter Frieden / Cold Peace

Large Scale Projects / Grossprojekte

This diagram maps planned, ongoing and completed large scale projects in Germany and their respective costs. It was published by the INGRAPHICS-magazine (Vol.1) and won Bronce at the »Malofiej 19« Awards.
Grossprojekte / Large Scale Projects

EU-Agrarsubventionen 2008 in Deutschland

This map visualizes the appropriation of EU farm subsidies in Germany in 2008. It consists of about 380 000 pie charts. Every chart stands for a farmer receiving funds.