My name is Simon. I enjoy designing visualizations and interactions.

I strive for meaningful, appropriate and accessible presentation of content across a wide range of devices. Read more

Paper, pencils, Sketch, Illustrator, Figma, HTML/CSS, SVG and Javascript are some of the tools I use. I dig tinkering with spatial data and making maps.

I used to study Interface Design at University of Applied Science Potsdam, freelanced for various agencys in Berlin and worked as an Interactive News Designer at Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Currently I am working as UX/UI Engineer at JetBrains. Have a look at some of my projects below and drop me a line if you like!

Simon Wimmer
Grafing bei München

Rating members of the Swiss Parliament

Once a year the NZZ rates all members of swiss parliament based on their voting behavior on a left/right scale. A dot plot maps the distribution of their votes. Read more

Individuals can be picked, also trends of voting behavior and individual profiles can be analyzed in detail. Views of certain parties and a refering text are scattered throughout the article. I did concept*, visualization* and design. I used D3.js and Sketch. Take a look!

Maps and charts for the Q-Toolbox

I designed maps, charts and other gadgets which are provided by the Q Toolbox. Q empowers journalists to enrich their stories with diagrammes and maps easily. Read more

You will find maps and diagramms built with it all over I did concept* and design. I used HTML/CSS, Chartist.js, Leaflet.js and Sketch.

Visualizing pollings

Four times a year is polling day in Switzerland. A responsive visualization shows the most recent data for national and regional pollings in an intuitive accessible way. Read more

Key information (outcome and percent of favorable votes) is provided without the need for interaction. Details are available on demand. The app itself is part of the Q Toolbox. I did concept*, visualization and design. See it here.

Swiss canton icons

I designed icons for all 26 swiss cantons. They are used within the polling day visualization to improve readability of lists. Read more

The icons are inspired by the original coats of arms and work best when displayed small but look nice when big too though. I did concept as well as design and used Sketch. Contribute on Github.

Some stories I mapped

A few maps I created for stories. They map the distribution of popular first names across Switzerland, the siege of Allepo or the size of huge nature conservation areas. Read more

I did concept*, data research*, visualisation* and design. I used QGIS, GDAL, Illustrator and HTML/CSS.

Looking back

A huge number of articles get published on and other media year by year. The vast majority vanishes after a short period of time. Journalists could pick some of their 2016 favorites to bring them back. Read more

A central page presents the recommendations and links to articles and profile pages. I did concept* and design. I used Sketch. See it here.

Good Night, Malaysian 370

This scrolly tells the story of the disappearance of the Malaysian Air Flight MH370. Videoclips, text and maps illustrate one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. Read more

I did concept*, overall design* and the data research for the maps as well as the maps itself. I used QGIS, Sketch, Illustrator, HTML/CSS and SVG. It won «Deutscher Reporterpreis 2015». Have a look!